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Will you stand up, fight for justice, and do the right thing, even if it is inconvenient or uncomfortable?

Join us today, by giving your time and talents to help children. Whether you are an administrative expert, thrive on interacting with people, or love sharing the life-changing work of child sponsorship with others, there are volunteer opportunities waiting for you! Start making the world a better place.

Lilia Redemption Foundation is committed to being that voice – a voice for the voiceless, a voice for the poor, the sexually enslaved and the vulnerable. We are committed to bringing justice to their cause through our many advocacy and awareness events.  So much of the world does not even know the horrendous conditions and environments these children and families live in. If we do not share their stories with people who actually have the ability to make a difference, little will ever be accomplished.

Our staff travel extensively to churches, conferences and seminars raising awareness about sex trafficking, at-risk children and families and our role in combating and stopping modern day slavery in our generation. We also use various media streams like magazine and newspaper articles, blogs, social media, short promotional videos and trafficking response kits to help raise awareness.  Our goal is simple: get in front of as many influencers as possible, so they, in turn, can be advocates for those enslaved, poor and destitute


Get Involved

Get Involved

We want children to experience the love at firsthand and to have the chance to be freed from poverty in every sense: having their practical needs met and hearing the good news about their upbringing and safety.

One-Time Donation

Help us support the power and potential of every child. Receive regular updates and learn directly through their voice how your valuable contributions are helping to transform the status quo for all children.

Monthly Donation

When you collaborate with us on a monthly basis, you fund the vital work of the Lilia Redemption Foundation. We depend on these recurring funds to propel our work to Liberate the voice of children around the world.